The YarnnUp Approach to Reconciliation

In a world where diversity, cultural understanding, and social impact are paramount, YarnnUp stands at the forefront of innovation. The dynamic and forward-thinking business is redefining reconciliation through a distinctive blend of Aboriginal philosophy and Western academia, creating a holistic approach that not only bridges cultural gaps but propels change.

Embracing Two Worlds: The Essence of YarnnUp’s Approach

YarnnUp’s guiding principle, “Blending Wisdom, Inspiring Change,” encapsulates their ground-breaking methodology. They fuse Aboriginal cultural insights with cutting-edge Western research, including neuroscience, emotional and cultural intelligence. This amalgamation of two worlds offers a fresh perspective that resonates with businesses, transcending boundaries and fostering true understanding.

Cultural Values at the Core: The Role of “Aboriginal Terms of Reference”

Central to YarnnUp’s approach are the “Aboriginal Terms of Reference”, a set of values that infuse every facet of their work. These principles ensure that YarnnUp’s interactions are culturally sensitive, respectful, and inclusive, prioritising the perspectives, rights, and interests of Aboriginal people. By placing these values at the core, YarnnUp authentically aligns their mission with the needs of the organisations they partner with, and the community represent.

Empowering Change Makers: YarnnUp’s Mission for Reconciliation

Their mission revolves around empowering individuals and organisations to become champions of reconciliation, fostering self-determination among First Nations peoples. This commitment to capacity building is rooted in YarnnUp’s core values of authenticity, impact, collaboration, and storytelling.

The YarnnUp Partnership: Co-founders’ Expertise

What sets the YarnnUp process apart is the unique blend of contemporary neuroscience research, ancient Aboriginal philosophy, and traditional knowledge. Co-founders Will Trewlynn and Ray Alam have masterfully combined their expertise to create a transformative approach. Ray’s background as a neuroscience researcher and behavioural change specialist, combined with Will’s deep cultural advocacy and program development, forms a formidable partnership that’s changing the landscape of reconciliation.

Redefined Reconciliation: YarnnUp’s Vision

In a world where cultural intelligence and empathy are paramount, YarnnUp is leading the way. Their innovative approach challenges traditional norms, embracing the power of diversity and cultural synergy. As YarnnUp propels businesses toward a more inclusive future, they redefine what reconciliation truly means – a journey of unity, respect, and shared wisdom.


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At YarnnUp, we offer a wide range of resources and programs to provide organisations with a holistic and comprehensive approach to their reconciliation journey. Want to know more? Our contact details can be found here when you’d like to have a yarn.

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