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Ray Alam

A behavioural change specialist, author, facilitator, content creator, neuroscience researcher and practitioner. Co-author of ‘Grow Wings’ Rise to Your Best Self.

About Ray Alam

Ray has Bachelor and a Master of Health Science with ongoing doctoral research in behavioural change and cultural impact. His research extends to how the mind functions and its relationship with human behaviour and sustainable peak performance.

A creator of a suite of neuroscience backed courses for his company Cintex consulting, Ray is an expert in the end to end learning experience spanning the entire education life cycle from scope and design to delivery and evaluation. He has trained people across the business spectrum from multinational corporations to government departments and NGO’s.

Ray is also the founder and CEO of Teach In A Box, a global online marketplace for teachers to buy, sell and share educational resources. He is the co-founder of the Butterfly Effect System, an organisation and program designed to re-engineer your inner architecture and inner technology for peak performance.

Ray has worked extensively in Aboriginal affairs positively impacting communities across Australia. Ray is a seasoned business strategist, engaged in policy development, community engagement, stakeholder management, program management, employee and supplier participation.

Ray has a track record of guiding organisations through structural change, building organisational synergy by aligning individual and cultural values. Ray has also worked closely with organisations to support and embed their corporate social responsibility initiatives by creating strategic partnerships and building the capability of its workforce to champion initiatives and foster authentic progress.

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