Here are some frequently asked questions on our Aboriginal Cultural Awareness & Capability Training service. 

What is the difference between YarnnUp’s Aboriginal cultural awareness training and its Aboriginal cultural capability training?

Cultural awareness refers to the presentation of cultural knowledge, practices and protocols which can include historical and present day context and how to navigate cultural settings. Cultural capability refers to building the capacity and skillset of individuals to engage more effectively cross culturally through professional development and evidence based practice within an Aboriginal lens. This approach includes cultural awareness but builds on this to deliver capacity building solutions for attendees.

What makes YarnnUp’s Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training stand-out compared to other Aboriginal cultural awareness and cultural capability training providers?

YarnnUp has a unique approach to Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training by blending Aboriginal philosophy with western academia including neuroscience, emotional and cultural intelligence to upskill participants and provide an actionable strategy to walk away with that allows individuals to continue building their capability to engage cross-culturally. Other Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training programs provide relevant cultural insight but fail to provide adequate tangible skills for participants to utilise in their day to day engagements with individuals, businesses and communities.

What is YarnnUp’s Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training format and how long does each session go for?

Our Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training can be customised based on the needs of your organisation. We can deliver lunch and learn style sessions which are shorter more express versions or longer format options based on the appetite of the business. Our standard and most popular offerings are a 2-hour session, 4-hour (half day) session and 7-hour (full day) program. We do also have popular 2 day programs, one of which is a deep dive into cultural capability building and involves theoretically and scenario based training on how to engage most effectively with First Nations peoples. Our second 2-day session is an Aboriginal cultural immersion held on country engaging with local traditional custodians and provides hands-on Aboriginal cultural exploration blended with a second day that unpacks theoretical components and methodology on how to most effectively flex on your own cultural values to best navigate cultural discussions and engagement.

Is YarnnUp’s Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training confrontational and shaming?

Definitely not! YarnnUp was founded based on the evident need for Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training that was strengths based rather than deficit focused. We showcase how similarities not differences are the key to ongoing cross cultural success and how participants can leverage their own cultural values to create a more culturally aware and capable society.

Does YarnnUp customise the Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training based on the needs of specific organisations, their industry as well as specific business units?

Yes, we always tailor our approach to ensure maximum relevance and engagement from participants.

How many participants can attend each Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training session?

The ideal number of attendees we recommend is 15. We are flexible and can cater for up to 25 participants per session and can also provide more focused groups with up to 5 participants for a more catered approach.

Where can YarnnUp’s Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training sessions be facilitated or hosted?

We have the capacity to host our clients at our Sydney Head Office with training rooms available. In other states, we have affiliate sites where we can host our clients. Alternatively, our clients can host us at their offices or preferred training facilities.

Does YarnnUp offer face to face Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training across Australia?

Yes, we have the capacity to provide our Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training across Australia. We can deliver our Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training nationally as our training content does not cover localised Aboriginal or Torres Strait cultural protocols or practices. We respect the independence of First nations communities across Australia. Where our clients wish to have local context incorporated, we engage respected local First Nations peoples of influence to speak about local context and practices.

Does YarnnUp provide training around Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) development and other specific topics relating to First Nations participation, engagement and application?

Yes, YarnnUp provides targeted training sessions to organisations looking to upskill their staff knowledge on the implementation of Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP’s) as well as other policy insights and broader First Nations related topics.

Does YarnnUp allow organisations to co-design a program and then pilot to the business for broader uptake?

Yes, we are happy to work with clients and co-design a training program that fits in with the learning outcomes and objectives of the organisation.

Does YarnnUp help develop cultural awareness and capability content for internal online modules to be used as part of an organisations LMS or other system?

Yes, YarnnUp can work with your organisation to create e-learning or online modules for organisations. This can vary from creating reconciliation content for induction modules through to more in-depth online cultural awareness sessions.

How is YarnnUp’s Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training delivered and facilitated?

YarnnUp’s cultural awareness and capability training is co-facilitated with an Aboriginal affairs expert as well as a behavioural change and neuroscience practitioner. The training is delivered in a conversational story telling approach allowing for discussion and engagement from participants to unpack thoughts, ideas and sentiments. Participants leave the session with a detailed action plan allow them to continue developing their skills as it relates to more effective cultural intelligence.

Does YarnnUp offer live online Aboriginal cultural awareness and capability training?

YarnnUp offers all our programs online via various platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams as well as across other mediums. YarnnUp can deliver the express programs through to our longer more immersive sessions. We customise our approach when delivering online to ensure we maximise engagement and relevance but offer the same topic areas and approach which is two way sharing for two-way learning. There is always plenty of opportunity for discussion, engagement and inquiry.

Who are the facilitators?

YarnnUp’s lead facilitators are William Trewlynn and Ray Alam. They are also the directors of YarnnUp. You can find more information on their backgrounds by clicking on the about us tab. There is also a team of national facilitators that work with YarnnUp who have extensive experience delivering this specified training.

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