the challenge

McDonalds Australia engaged YarnnUp looking for a long-term partner to assist with the implementation of its inaugural Reflect RAP. With multiple divisions and such a diverse organisation, having clear identified objectives and consensus across the business was crucial to the overall success of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) implementation process. YarnnUp was tasked with providing guidance and ongoing support to develop a roadmap for the application of the outputs and governance of the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

the solution

When engaged, YarnnUp wanted to ensure that the Reflect RAP document accurately reflected the sentiment of the organisation while also setting relevant expectations. YarnnUp assisted with the drafting and revision of the Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) document to ensure it was aligned with Reconciliation Australia guidelines and the reconciliation vision of the business. The RAP working group along with senior leadership were in agreeance of the ongoing commitment that required internal reflection from the business to understand where the opportunities are and how to best navigate the relationships it would like to establish and to build the respect with First Nations peoples, businesses and communities.

the outcome

McDonalds had its first Reflect RAP successfully endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. YarnnUp was instrumental in transitioning the RAP Working Group successfully to a RAP Governance Group with its terms of reference set in place to guide the implementation piece. McDonalds is working actively with YarnnUp over the next 12-months to implement the RAP deliverables and roll out Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) education sessions across the business as well as cultural awareness training across various divisions within the organisation.

let's have a yarn

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