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Ginny Jones

Ginny, a proud Gomeroi and Kooma woman, carries with her the rich heritage and stories of her ancestors, infusing her work with a deep-seated commitment to her community.

From a young age, Ginny was inspired by the resilience and wisdom of her Elders, which fueled her passion for community support and advocacy. This lifelong dedication has led her to become a pivotal figure in Aboriginal community engagement and development.

Ginny’s journey is one of bridging worlds and creating connections. With extensive experience in community engagement, stakeholder relationship management, and project management, she has cultivated the skills necessary to foster meaningful and impactful relationships. Her ability to understand and navigate the complexities of cultural dynamics allows her to deliver results that resonate deeply with the communities she serves.

At YarnnUp, Ginny excels in client relationships and cultural support, providing invaluable guidance that aligns seamlessly with our purpose. Her career is a testament to her ability to produce high-quality content and maintain brand consistency, while developing strategies that enhance audience engagement and growth. She has proven herself as a leader in online marketing, content creation, and community outreach, promoting products and fostering loyal followings with an authentic and respectful approach.

In her previous roles, Ginny managed significant government contracts, overseeing operations and ensuring the successful execution of programs. She built strategic networks with employers, community organisations, and government agencies, always with the goal of creating positive change. Her leadership, enthusiasm, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to ethical conduct have made her an invaluable asset in every endeavour she undertakes.

Ginny’s story is one of dedication and passion. Her unique combination of skills and her unwavering commitment to supporting her community are invaluable to YarnnUp. She contributes to our goal of equipping companies, organisations, and institutions with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to embed effective, outcome-focused change. Through her work, Ginny continues to honour her heritage and inspire those around her, making a lasting impact on the path towards reconciliation and empowerment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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